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Support the talented teddy bear artists by attending a show near you!


Artists are inspired and feel creative when you walk into a teddy bear show. By attending and seeing the bears in person, our industry will continue to grow and flourish.



Miniatures Passion!


See Valerie's award winning room boxes, vignettes and diorama's, all in 1/12th scale.

"When I'm not working on bear shows or publishing Bears&Buds pages, I enjoy working with miniatures." More...

"Challenging times create welcoming opportunities"

Bright Star Promotions, Inc. sponsors quality, collectible teddy bear shows and online sales, where bear collectors enjoy meeting the teddy bear artist and buying bears. Exclusive teddy bear shows and exhibits feature unique bears made of imported mohair, synthetic plush, recycled furs and bear craft. All teddy bears are hand-made by the creative soft sculpture artists many of the teddy bears have clothing and outfits. Visit teddy bear show in Tampa, FL, Phoenix, AZ, Schaumburg, IL, Columbus, OH, Ann Arbor, MI, Online Teddy Bear Shows and Bear Treasures sells Estate Bears, Bright Star Promotions sells Dodie's punch-needle miniature rug making book, We sell Evert Fresh Green Bags which extend the life of fresh vegetables and fruits, and a seller of elegant, custom URL advertising plates for your vehicle.User and seller of the The Ultimate Cloth that cleans with just water. Valerie Rogers is the Publisher and Executive Editor of Bears&Buds, the online monthly, teddy bear magazine and sponsors of the annual URSA Awards Competition.

Incorporated in 1982 in the State of Kentucky, Valerie Rogers, President

'Good friends are like stars . . . You don't always see them,
you know they are always there.'

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