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Bright Star Promotions is so excited!

On February 20, 2011 we marked our 600th show produced!

What a milestone of achievement and you've been one of the intricate facets that has made it all possible!

Together we 'sparkle and shine!'

The 600 shows produced are not counting several shows that were in partnership with others, beginning in 1978. The 600 show tally began in 1982 when the Bright Star Promotions corporation was first established.

Over the nearly 30 years, we have been honored to be associated with so many talented doll house miniature and teddy bear artists. Blessed beyond words to be surrounded by friendly and loving people.

Who could ask for anything better?

Who would have thought that so many years ago, when the children had a snow day off from school, a day to be creative and play with crafts, that a whole career direction would be launched?

The stars were out, shining bright in the Tampa show and we celebrated as you can see by the photos below.

Smiles and Hugs,

Cheers To You!

You made all the shows happen!

Valerie at the 500th Show in Ann Arbor, Michigan


P.S. It's only orange juice!

Each exhibitor at the teddy bear show wore a purple ribbon attached to their name badges and they took home as a souvenir.

Jesse Kohler (JMK Doll Shows) arrived to congratulate Valerie on her 600th show produced. "Quite an impressive achievement. I'll try to catch up; I only have about 500 shows to my credit." Jesse smiled.

Tampa, Florida

Sunday February 20, 2011


A huge, delicious cake was rolled out to celebrate.
"Eat Your Green Stuff" took on a new meaning!

Valerie expressed her gratitude over her association with so many talented artists. "I'm truly blessed to be in this fabulous, giving, and loving industry!

I'm not sure if there will be 600 more shows, but I'll try!" she chuckled.

The huge double layer cake was cut and shared with all the artists and collectors near the end of the show.

"The cake was finger-licking good!" Only a couple of pieces were left!

"I took pieces home for my family and continue to celebrate!"

Thank you to the Crowne Plaza Westshore hotel's staff for all their help. "The cake had lots of stars dotting the top and sides! Just perfect!"

"It's hard to cut cake with out licking my fingers!" Valerie didn't really do that, she's just clowning around!

After cake cutting, Valerie takes time to enjoy a piece too.

Bright Star's Time Line

100th Show February 17, 1990 Drawbridge Inn - Cincinnati, OH (Ft. Mitchell, KY) Doll House Show
200th Show

March 21, 1993

Marriott Airport - Evansville, IN Doll House Show
300th Show November 12, 1995 Ramada Dunwoody Hotel - Atlanta, GA Minis & Bears

400th Show

February 28, 1999 Drawbridge Inn - Cincinnati, OH (Ft. Mitchell, KY) Doll House Show
500th Show November 18, 2001 Weber's Inn - Ann Arbor, MI Teddy Bear Show
1st publication March 1, 2005 Publisher of Bears&Buds the online, monthly teddy bear magazine
600th Show February 20, 2011 Crowne Plaza Westshore - Tampa, FL Teddy Bear Show

At the 300th show in Atlanta GA, both doll house miniature and teddy bear artists joined to celebrate the occasion with smiles and hugs!

Standing next to Valerie, in the hot pink sweater, is her mother Dodie Claypool.


Dale Shepard (Shepard's Musical Bears) assembled and designed a NASCAR race car for the show:
"The Bright Star 500"

One of the cherished memories of the day, when we celebrated our accomplishment, with fun and great camaraderie!

Thank you Dale!



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Challenging times create welcoming opportunities"

'Good friends are like stars. . .

You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

Valerie Rogers, President.
Bright Star Promotions, Inc. Incorporated
in Kentucky on October 11. 1982


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