Saturday Workshop


Learn from Award Winning Soft Sculpture Teddy Bear Artist
Sandy Czaja





All-day class from
9 a.m. until 5 p.m.


Notchlok Bears - Sandy Czaja


Saturday, February 17, 2018


Caladesi Room on the 2nd floor at the


Crown Plaza Westshore

5303 W Kennedy Blvd.

I-275 at Exit 39A or 40A

Tampa, FL 33607


Please come for a day of fun! 


If you know how to close seams, jointing, and
creating a face, this class is for you.


I will provide an 11” stitched and jointed lion, ready to be stuffed.


I will provide Fiberfill for stuffing, a pair of 10mm eyes, and pearl cotton
for embroidering the nose. If you prefer to make a different nose for your lion,
please bring those materials with you.


I am terrible with names so I will bring name tags for everyone.



Class will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and end around 5 p.m.

You'll then have a beautiful lion to take home.


You are on your own for lunch. We will take a break around noon.

Water will be provided. If you would like coffee please let me know.



a complete sewing kit including

a needle-nose pliers,

a stuffing stick,

an awl,

6” long doll needles,

a 5/16” socket and socket wrench (for attaching the head of the lion),

a small sharp scissors for trimming,

and a dog comb (for combing the mane).

In addition, a small dish similar to an ash tray, with a rim, is useful to hold your little lion head when completing the face.

Optional: A small pillow for your lap. The pillow can be used to hold your lion while you are stuffing and/or closing seams.

Bring your glasses for close-up work,
and a small high intensity lamp if you want extra light.


Cost is $125.00 which includes all material. 

Payment due no later than February 1st.



If PayPal gives you a message that item is not available,

that means the class is filled.


For any questions, please call or email.
My email is: notchlokbears@gmail.com


cell: 480-250-4341 please leave a message.

Notchlok Bears - Sandy Czaja



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