System for Awarding Door Prizes
Bright Star Promotions, Inc.

Why do we ask artists to contribute

door prizes to the show?

     1. Winning door prizes builds excitement with the


     2. Helps collect addresses for our mailing lists.

     3. Encourages collectors to stick around until the

          next drawing, allowing them more time to look

          at and buy bears.

     4. Everyone loves prizes - the collectors then

          spread the word about the teddy shows and the

          wonderful prizes!


Bright Star Promotions has always encouraged exhibitors to give a bear-related gift valued around $10.00. Recently it has come to our attention that some artists have gone way beyond this suggested value by giving an expensive, collectible mohair bear as their door prize. While this is extremely generous, many other artists are unable to do the same.

Why this causes a problem. For example: two friends both win a door prize and one receives the suggested $10 value door prize and the other receives a collectible $90 mohair bear. Both have won and should be thrilled but one will feel they received a lesser gift and doesn't feel as valued as a collector.

In order to make the door prize system fair for the artists, as well as the collectors, we are setting a standard for the gifts. And this is what we are doing.

Lucky collectors will win one of the new Star Bucks Certificates worth $20.00

To make door prizes equitable, Bright Star Promotions will be collecting $5.00 from each exhibitor prior to the opening of the show. By paying $5 to the door prize pool, this in turn, saves you money, by not spending your valuable time searching, buying or making a door prize - not to mention wrapping and precious luggage space and additional weight!

When a collectors name is drawn, the winner will receive one "Bear Bucks" certificate valued at $20.00. The Bear Bucks are only good the day of the show, encouraging the collectors to purchase something that they may not have been able to afford.

The beauty of this plan is that the money stays in the show but here's the best part. For your $5.00 in the door prize pool, you have the chance to collect/sell $20, $40, $60, $80, $100 or more!

The Bear Bucks you collect are treated like real money. They are taxable with the sale and redeemable by the artists at the close of the show for US Dollars. Immediate cash for you from the door prize pool. Unredeemed Bear Bucks can also be used toward future booth fees.

The collector can only redeem the Bear Bucks for a purchase of $20 or more and can not swap them for cash.

Every collector loves to win cash and to spend CASH on bears!