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Not finding a place in other room boxes for my treasures, my brother made me a long display box which soon became an Antique Store.

One friend said "I could go shopping in this store!" Sorry, nothing is for sale.

It was very hard to photograph because we love to see miniatures in 3-D. The soft colors give the Antique Store the old shop look.

Some of the pieces are from my childhood, a couple my father made for me then, plus odds and ends I've collected here and there!

Many of the pieces are signed by the miniatures artist and I've complied a list of the 138 pieces that is attached to the back of the box.


Capturing the feeling from our vacation to Mykonos, Greece, I created a room box with memories of the Taverna by the Agean Sea. The famous Mykonos pelican would wander about, cats sat patiently waiting for a few scraps of seafood, while dinner cooked on the open grill. We dined on Greek Salad, Squid, Octopus, Garlic Shrimp, Homemade bread and sips Ouzo and Retsina. Opah! It's almost like being there again!


The Lil' Kids Thanksgiving!

The table is set with the turkey, trimmings, vegetables and fruits. Candles are waiting to be lit and it's almost time for everyone to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner.

The children decided to have their own party under the table. Munching on cookies, candy and feeding the dog so treats!

I love to place a few things in a scene that will

bring a smile to the viewer's face!


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