You have been accepted to the

Bear Blitz 2-Day Online Teddy Bear Show

December 10 - 11, 2017


What's next?

This show does not have a theme but remember it's the
Festive Season and gift-giving is on everyone's mind

Creating Your Own Web or Blog Sales Page.

First thing: You must be able to compose a web page, Blogger or use our Total Page Management Service.

If you are not proficient in using Blogger to design your sales page to our requirements, please use or, they both are free.


Our successful shows follow certain guidelines but are not template formated, giving you artistic expression for your sales page.


Second thing: Send us one bear photo to be used on Bright Stars Online Show home page. This same bear must be for sale on your sales page.   Photo must be 4x6 vertical proportions. No need to worry about the cropping and framing, we will do that for you.

Third thing: As soon as you have assigned a web page or blog page URL, please send it to us.

Your page does not have to be completed at this time. By sending the URL Bright Star can get started on our  sales home page too.


Fourth thing: You must adhere to our deadlines as there is a lot of testing that goes with the pages, assuring a smooth opening of our Bear Blitz Online Show.


Absolute Deadlines

Photo 1s due
on or before before:

  • November 18, 2017


URL due on or before:

  • December 1, 2017
  • no later than the 4th
  • Testing begins 12/6

"Show Open" at
11 a.m. ET

Online Show Dates:

  • December 10 - 11, 2017

Framed bear photographs on the home selling page.
They will be added in order as they arrive.

When the show opens the bears will be listed in alphabetical order by your business name.


See the page example for ideas on placing bears and banners on your sales page.


The following items must be on your page.

1. Bright Stars' show banner at the very top of the page.
Link it back to our home sales page - our URL for the Holiday Stars show is:

2. Add a "Back to Bright Star Show" banner/icon at the bottom of your page.(icons are at the bottom of this page). Linking it back to our home selling page.

3. You can use your identifiable web banner but please DO NOT link it back to your web site as we want our buyers to focus on our online show and not stray away. They are astute enough to locate your regular web site page using Google.


Introduce yourself to our worldwide collectors by adding your photo and "about me" under our top show banner.

Use your business and your own full name too. Take pride in who you are!

4. Add your country's flag at the bottom of your page. Flag and other icons
This is a very important feature of our shows and the collectors can see immediately the country of origin.

5. Add the affiliation banner: Bright Star Show Participant and/or Member of Bears&Buds, again with NO link back to Bright Star Promotions or Bears&Buds sites either. In a Blog or web page you can put the icons in a column to the right or left of your bears if they will not show at the bottom of your page.

We suggest you use to create a sales page. It is easy to use and we do offer online instructions

6. List 5 to 12 bears only on your sales page.

The last three of your twelve can be unsold bears.

The reason for limiting the bear offerings is that collectors get bored with heavily weighted, slow to load pages and they move on. We suggest you use 72 dpi photos for faster loading.
If you have more than 12 bears, save them for the next online show!

      1. See our suggested layout page for photo sizes and placement.

2. The GRAND total of 12 bears or buds on your sales page.

7. Add your shipping details.

8. Add your payment requirements and return policy.

9. Add your contact information. You can add an active link to your email address.

10. Add copyright tag lines and symbol along with your name and address; a Google request/requirement.

11. Keep track of how many collectors visited your sales page. Add a counter - see our icons for the counter link. It's free!

That's all there is to do to meet our requirements.

Helpful links to help you create a striking and
easy to navigate sales page

Photography Styles by Kinsey   Read . . .


Writing bear descriptions as featured in Bears&Buds.  Read . . .


Have more questions?  Our FAQ will help youRead  . . .


Remember the quicker you respond, by sending us your photo and your sales page URL, the easier it is for us to meet our show deadlines too.

Please keep your online bear photos a secret (Only post your lead bear on Facebook or on your regular web page).... it is part of the show's mystic; just like a regular face-to-face show, we want them to be curious! 

You can show the recently sold bears on all social media platforms, and for this 2-Day Bear Blitz, there will be no showing of unsold bears.

Reminder: when Bright Star Online Show advertising begins, please use our show banner, and URL to the sales page, to notify your buyers and do not use YOUR online sale web or

blog page URL to notify buyers.


Show Banner - Use this banner which includes the date and times.



And this banner at the bottom of your sales page.

Link both back to our home sales page - our URL for Holiday Stars Show is:

Here are some dividers and adopted icons that you may use on your show page.

































Be creative - make your own or use one of these.

The adopted icons help the collector immediately identify that the bear has been sold.



If you have any questions or need help;

     we are here for you!


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