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Ann Arbor Teddy Bear Gallery Show




Weber's Inn

Sunday November 5, 2017
The popular, long running 30 year show has come to an end.
Before the Show Opened

Congratulations to Jan Cuming, Jinglebears, whose bear won the collectors postcard front!


Valerie, the show's promoter gifted her a Winner's Certificate to hang in her bear studio. Way to go Jan!

Can you believe we’ve been in Ann Arbor for 30 years!

Weber’s Inn has hosted our shows with style and flair!

It was my pleasure to sponsor the teddy bear show and to greet you, our collectors, as we all marveled over all the wonderful creations made by the teddy bear artists, and we shared so many happy times together.

Many changes have taken place in the teddy bear industry and we celebrate our longevity and embrace the future. Of course we are sad to see the once popular Ann Arbor teddy bear market drop, a sign of the times; shopping online.

A big thank you to all who have participated over the years, and to all who attended the shows. 

When you go forward, on to more adventures, please be reminded that you are a ‘STAR,’ that you must sparkle and shine where ever you go, bring happiness and hug your bears!

The best and biggest bear hugs for all,


Lunchtime and the artists helped themselves to the buffet.


Sandy gives meaning to
"Eat Your Green Stuff."


Follow the story on how that saying became a fun eating pattern for many.  read. . .

Southern Champagne Toast and special commemorative gifts
Dale Shepard, who often was our cashier, helped pour the Southern Champagne. It is a combination of Sprite and real orange juice!  Valerie said "Bubbly for all."
Cheers to 30 years!
(L to R) Valerie Rogers, Diana Watts, Diane Baldus, Tracy Meier, Steve Watts and Gary Meier
(L to R):  Valerie Rogers, Terrie Stong, Jan Cuming, Jeannette Bashore and Sandy Humanski
(L to R): Valerie Rogers, Martha Burch, Beth Savino, Tom and Chris Herron
(L to R): Brenda Yenke, Dian Pete, Donna Manthey and Valerie Rogers


With each group, Valerie turned to them, clicking glasses and reminding each how special they are to her.


"We've come a long way together. May you go forth with love in your heart", she said, "See you online!"




A very special gift was presented to Valerie, from Ken and Weber's.  A hand painted teddy bear on wood cut from a Michigan tree. 

Ken did a little research to see what stone represented a 30 year anniversary; pearls!  The artists painted a strand of pearls on the bear!  "Thank you so very much, it is a lasting treasure!" said Valerie.

We have so much fun being together!

Sandy Humanski and Valerie toasted.

"Why are we so happy; this is a sad day!" remarked Sandy.

"Because we are together and celebrating huge accomplishments!" replied Valerie

Always Valerie and Dale clowned around, what better than a "smoke" and a "drink"? 


Laughing Valerie exclaimed
"chocolate cookie cigars; yummm!"
Meet the Stars of the Show!

Is a certain bear still lingering in your mind?


Contact the artist to see if it is still available or they might even
have enough materials to make a similar one for you!


Bearily Pawsing Donna Manthey WI
Bears for Pete Sake Dian Pete FL
Brenda Yenke  Appraiser OH
Chris' Creations Chris Herron OH
DiBears Diana Watts FL
Good Bears of The World Terrie Stong OH
Jinglebears  Jan Cuming NZ
JRB Creations Jeannette Bashore IN
Martha's Bears Martha Burch WI
Newbearys Diane Baldus MI
ThimbleBeary Originals Tracy Meier IA
The Toy Store Beth Savino OH


Onward we go,
in pursuit of the next big adventure!



And thanks for the terrific memories!


Many of the Ann Arbor teddy bear artists exhibit in our online shows.


Come take a look.


Bears are magical and make you smile!


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