Bright Star Promotions, Inc. presents the . . .
11th Annual Tampa, Florida

The stars, our amazing teddy bear artists, were definitely shining their brightest on February 19, 2017 at the Crown Plaza Westshore.

The large ballroom is an ideal setting to feature all the bears and a great place to welcome our collector each year.  


As you scroll down the page, you'll discover all the show activities prior and during the show. And who won the "Winter White" bear contest? Keep on scrolling.



This years post card bear was by Jackie Melerski of Gilmur Rudley Bears.


Unfortunately she was ill and could not attend the show. Her award was mailed to her.


Congratulations Jackie!


If you are not on our mailing list, and would like to receive a colorful postcard for next years show, please join.


Saturday Workshops

Sandy's class of ten learned how to sculpt bear faces and then assemble the bear at home.

Isabella taught 2 students how to make a whole bear, and they learning all types of bear making techniques.

Saturday night dinner gathering

Saturday night, 24 artists and students/collectors gathered around three tables, to enjoy a delicious dinner and catch up on the happenings since we last saw each other.

The Gift Table

Each of the artists, along with Bright Star Promotions, Inc., donated a bear or two and they became a special gift for the first 50 collectors through the door.


Everyone was delighted, "such a nice surprise," said one collector, and another exclaimed, "I can pick any bear?"

'Winter White' Contest for Artists

Each artist piece entered was made from white fur, plush, mohair and fibers.


Attendees, better known as arctorphiles, picked their favorite from the 15 entries. It was next to impossible to vote for a favorite as each entry was extraordinarily fabulous!


Carol Miller

The Teddy Bear Maker

Isabella Hoffmann

Bearly Collectibles

Charlene Draeger


Sandy Czaja

Notchlok Bears

Dona Sorensen

Dona's Bears

Dian Pete

Bears For Pete Sake

Diana Watts


Cindy McGuire

China Cupboard Bears

Julie Pitts

Granbeary Bears

Diana Ussery

Diana's Merry Bears

Bev White

Happy Tymes Collectibles

Stevi Tiongco

Stevi T's Alpaca Encounters

Martha Burch

Martha's Bears

Olga Hahn

Hahntastic Creations

Pat Fairbanks

PRFect Pals

Who will the winners be?

Three Top Winners

  Valerie with mike, (left to right) Sandy Czaja, Diana Watts and Olga Hahn

Third Place Winner!


Congratulations to Sandy Czaja, Notchlok Bears from Whitethron, CA for her entry: Amber.


Sandy received a certificate, gold star pin and $10.00 from Bright Star Promotions!


Way to go Sandy!!!

Second Place Winner!

Congratulations to Diana Watts, DiBears from Naples, FL for her entry: Winter Woodland Frost.


Diana received a certificate, gold star pin and $40.00 from Bright Star Promotions!


Way to go Diana!!

First Place Winner!


Congratulations to Olga Hahn, Hahntastic Creations from Cape Coral, FL for her entry: Polar Bear Maximus.


Olga received a certificate, gold star pin and $50.00 from Bright Star Promotions!


Way to go Olga!!

Meet the Stars of the Show!


Is a certain bear still lingering in your mind?


Contact the artist to see if it is still available or they might even
have enough materials to make a similar one for you!

Business Name Artists Name State eMail Address
Bearily Pawsing Donna Manthey WI
Bearly Collectibles Isabelle Hoffmann WI
Bears by Two Hearts Trish Hansford FL
Bears for Pete Sake Dian Pete FL
Charbears Charlene Draeger FL
China Cupboard Bears Cindy McGuire OH
Collins Gift Shop Wendy Collins NH
Cookie's Critters Donna Nielsen NY
Diana's Merry Bears Diana Ussery CA
DiBears Diana Watts FL
Dona's Bears Dona Sorensen TX
Good Bears of The World Terrie Stong OH
Granbeary Bears Julie Pitts FL
Hanatastic Creations Olga Hahn FL
Happy Tymes Collectibles Bev White FL
Heir Bears Jane Woodard FL
Martha's Bears Martha Burch WI
Mohair Maniac Donna Mettling CA
My Apple Tree Cindy Malchoff NY
Notchlok Sandy Czaja CA
PRFect Pals Pat Fairbanks FL
Raspbeary Bears Darlene Allen FL
Stevi T's Alpaca Encounters Stephanie Tiongco PA
The Country Bear Josiah Hadly FL
The Teddy Bear Maker Carol Miller FL
The Toy Store Ben & Beth Savino OH


Good Bears of the World Raffle Winner!
Terrie Stong, Executive Director of Good Bears of the World, presented Lisa, the lucky raffle winner with a huge basket of bears, books, gifts and surprises. "Oh what a huge gift," remarked Lisa, "I am flying home, and my suitcase will bulge!"
A few candid photos during the show!


Not all tables were photographed 
during the show.



A very special thank you to all the artists and collectors who have attended the Tampa Teddy Bear Show over the years.


We'll be looking for you again next year!


Join us at our other shows:

in Schaumburg, IL, Ann Arbor, MI and 7 online shows.


Mark your calendar for February 18, 2018 when we

return to Tampa for our 12th Annual show.

Good Bears of the World

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teddy bears

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Photos courtesy of:   Terrie Stong, Carol Miller, Ben Savino, Ron Highland and Steve Watts

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