Bright Star Promotions Presents the 24th Annual

Ann Arbor Teddy Bear Gallery Show

Weber's Inn - Michigan!

Sunday November 6, 2011    Come, see all the bears!

Sneak Preview!

Weber's Inn Ann Arbor, MI

New Show hours: 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Admission $6.00 with coupon                                                                                Map and directions

Meet the artists!  Learn more about Teddy Bear Collecting!

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The Holiday Season is drawing near and time to think about special gifts - like Teddy Bears!

Don't forget to place a Teddy Bear under the tree for your self.

Traveling all the way from
New Zealand to meet you
at the show!
Please welcome Jan Cuming!

Traveling all the way from Germany to show you their bears and meet you!

Please welcome

Simone and Claudia Bleeker


Thank you Dian Pete for the cute bear used on the Collector's invitation postcards!

Enjoy the Season

Meet The Stars of the Show!

A Walk in the Woods
Karen Wallace
B.J.'s Bears
Betty Franks
Bainbridge Bears
Donna Hinkleman
Bearily Pawsing
Donna Manthey
Sue Van Nattan
Bears for Pete's Sake
Dian Pete 
Beth Anne Bears
Beth Anne Martin
Terry & Doris Michaud
Cobb Creations      

Mary Cobb
Diana Watts
Good Bears of The World
Terrie Stong
Hager Bears
Donna Hager
Jan Cuming
JRB Creations
Jeannette Bashore
Ken Yenke
Author & Appraiser
Simone &  Claudia Bleeker
Martha's Bears
Martha Burch
Mutz's Tootsz Bears
Amy Thronton
Pookie Bears by Lin Lee
Lin Chamberlain 
Teds 'n Such
Tyler Crain
The Toy Store
Beth Savino


Jacquie Pollitt

Vintage Bear Appraisals
by Ken Yenke

Is your beloved old bear worth $10,000.00?

Come meet Ken and bring your old beloved bears.

Proceeds from the bear appraisals benefit Good Bears of the World!


Featured in the show is a room box, in 1/12th scale, by Valerie Rogers, the show's producer.

"I dedicate this box to all who collect teddy bears!"

A Teddy Bear Collector's Living Room  >>

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What is a Gallery Teddy Bear Show?
The teddy bear show is smaller due to the economy and has a very select group of especially invited artists. With a Gallery Show you have more time to talk with the artists, time to see each creative piece. You are not rushed or overwhelmed by hundreds of exhibitors bears.

Come, bring a friend and be dazzled by teddy bears.

You and you won't be disappointed!

A day of fun with the
artists and bears!

Come early, stay late!


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Driving instructions to Weber's Inn