Bright Star Promotions'

Indianapolis Teddy Bear Gallery Show
Sneak Preview

Holiday Inn North
by the Pyramids

Celebrating our 23rd year!

Congratulations to Chris Herron - Chris' Creations for submitting her lovely bear used on the collectors' invitation postcard.

Look for her bears, some dressed in vintage child's clothing.

Way to go Chris!

For those of you who have attended ours show in the past, you'll soon be receiving this postcard in the mail.

If you are not on our mailing list and you'd like to receive a postcard announcing the show, please click on this link and email us your name and address.

Show hours: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Admission $6.00  with coupon                                                    Map and directions to the Holiday Inn North

Meet the artists!      Learn more about Teddy Bear Collecting!


Cash Door prizes every hour!

Listen for your


This is the place to buy one-of-a-kind collectible bears!

B.J.'s Bears
Betty Franks
Chris' Creations
Chris Herron
Diana Watts
Good Bears of The World
Terrie Stong
HuckleBeary Junction
Marji Bebiak
Jinglebears - from New Zealand
Jan Cuming
Judy's Raggedy Country
Judy Mathis
Ken Yenke -Appraiser
Ken Yenke
Mare's Bears 'n more
Mary M Ortwine
Pookie Bears by Lin Lee
Lin Chamberlain 
Ted E. Graham Originals
Kelly Graham
Teds 'n Such
Tyler Crain
The Toy Store
Beth Savino
Jacquie Pollitt



Don't be late -- the bears are waiting for YOU!

This is the place to buy one-of-a-kind collectible bears!
Have you hugged you teddy bears today?
Teddy Bear Appraisals and More!

Is your beloved old bear worth $10,000.00?

You've seen Ken on Antique's Road Show, come in and meet him. Bring your old loved teddy bear and Ken Yenke, noted appraiser and author will value your bear. Proceeds from the appraisals will benefit Good Bears of the World.

Bring your bear to the show!

Ken Yenke - Author/Appraiser

You'll be able to gaze upon the "nearly new looking" antique toy drum!

Come see!

100 year old Teddy Bear Toy Drum on display at this show!

"I have one of two (that I know about) of the original Teddy Bear drums featured in the September issue of TBReview. It is tin with painted teddy bears marching and playing instruments with wood rim. Unbelievable for being 100 years old," says Ken Yenke

Meet and Greet Passport Game - You could be the winner!

Play the Meet and Greet Passport game and you could win Boyd's Bailey Bear!

She's dressed in a cute denim dress with matching hat, wears a cardigan sweat shirt with Boyd's Bears snaps and carries her bug box.

A memorable treasure to add to your collection.

You'll also win a Teddy Bear Tin is filled with Green Tea Bags!

When you come into the show, you'll be presented with a Meet & Greet Passport. As you meet the artists they will punch your passport. Turn it in before you leave.

Drawing will be at 2:30 p.m. If you are not present, Bailey Bear will be sent to you!


Meet the artists!

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Teddy Bears

Teddy bears give you comfort in these trying times!

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Driving instructions to the Holiday Inn North


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