Exhibitor Sales Tax Collection Requirements
to participate in a Bright Star Promotion's show.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

No permanent license required.
One day sale tax forms issued at the show for those exhibitors not holding Michigan licenses.
6% Sales Tax - New pay online forms available.

Print MI tax application form

Columbus, Ohio

Exhibitors must register with the State of Ohio prior to the opening of the show. Franklin Co

NAIS # for our craft is 451120

www.state.oh/us/tax/   or 1-888-405-4089

Ohio tax application form 

6.75% Sales Tax

Schaumburg, Illinois

Special Event tax forms will be on your table, the day of the show.


Info Call: 800-732-8866  or 217 782-3336

10% Sales Tax

Tampa, Florida

FL Sales Tax Forms -
We will submit your name to the Department of Revenue and they'll mail you the tax form.

7% Sales Tax



Please eMail us your local state license numbers to keep on-file as we report to the various states.

Bright Star Promotions, Inc. is not a tax enforcer but obligated to inform you of the individual state requirements
for collecting and paying sales tax for each show you participate in.

Thank you,

Valerie Rogers