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Dodie's Story


Dodie was a time traveler --- 1907 to 1996 ---- Almost 90 years. She rode in Model T cars then in turbo charged cars, flew on prop planes then on jets, rode on trains, monorails, rickshaws and cable cars, saw gas lights turn to incandescent lighting, telegrams transform to E-mail, letters that took weeks to deliver and cost only 2 to overnight mail -- now at a higher rate. Born under President "Teddy" Roosevelt's term she lived to see 16 more presidents take office.


Dodie graduated from college; she worked as a designer of neon signs, then she married. Her husband Bill, was transferred to Mexico, she followed with their two small children. She learned a new language. Long after returning to the USA, her mother took her on a whirlwind trip around the world. And throughout her life, she traveled to many exotic ports of call. In her adventurous life she rode real horses, real elephants, real camels, and musical merry-go-rounds.


She loved to swim and even skied -

mostly on her back side. We knew her as a seasoned traveler, always willing to go on another trip. There was never a moments hesitation when you asked her to go some place new. She always said "yes!" We knew Dodie as a dear friend and companion. Her friends felt she was part of their family. We knew her as the matriarch of our family. We experienced her love, wisdom, wit and relished her compliments. She was so proud of her children and grandchildren's accomplishments, as we were of hers.


She had a rich life and lived it elegantly. As a young child her mother dressed her if fine clothes with big bows in her hair. Being well dressed and appropriately dressed was important to her. Even as time changed, she traded her dresses and high heels for leggings, tunics and sport shoes; she wore them with style and elegance. Putting a smile on our face, and another fond memory in our heart. Dodie was always ready with a joke or quip that brought a smile to the listener's face. She loved reading a good mystery books and saucy novels. She loved games of Rummycube with the girls at the condo.


At a time when most people would be thinking about settling down, she was just getting started. She loved to travel with me, and looked forward to new cities, visiting with good friends, and above all doing something that she loved. Leaving a legacy of fine artwork, by having created masterpieces with threads on canvas, which made tiny rugs to fill small homes, and an accomplished author of two books on needle punch rug making, she delighted in sharing her art skills with others.


She was always a lady, commanded good manners and good English. Rich with family history, she shared her stories and knowledge with those who would lend an ear. She was very thankful she had so many years to spend with family and friends. Her only regret was that her body could not keep up with what her mind wanted. Never wanting to be a burden to anyone, she trotted along like a trooper, hardly complaining about any ailments. Dodie strived to stay healthy, eating her "green stuff", and her weekly trek to Taco Bell. We celebrate a most wonderful life. Eighty-nine beautiful years filled with great adventures, passionate love for family and friends. We can only measure our loss against the great joys and blessings she gave each of us. She is our special angel now residing in heaven. You will know her when you see her. She is the little angel with the white leggings, tunic, and gold shoes. This is not the time to stop the laughter or to be sad. The end is really only a beginning.

Eulogy written by: Dawn Emerson (grandaughter) and read at the memorial
service by: Valerie Rogers (daughter).


Order your book using PayPal or with your credit card through PayPal.



Commissioned rugs for miniature reproduction dollhouse.

Two custom commissioned, large carpets made especially for the doll house at Locust Grove.
The rugs are Dodie's artist interpretation of full size vintage rugs found at Locust Grove.

Visit Locust Grove Museum and see the big dollhouse.

You can always tell Dodie's rugs as she signs and dates the back of each.



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