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The packages now containing 10 bags of a single size. Packages come in Small, Medium and Large, returning to our original sizes. Just the outer wrap is different.


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Secure green bags with a chip clip, clothes pin, twisty or large paper clip.


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Evert Fresh Green Bags come in three different sizes.

Evert Fresh Green Bags extend the life of fresh produce 3 to 10 times longer without chemicals in the bag and helps preserve produce freshness, keeping nature's bounty at its best!

"Best new product!" says Valerie Rogers of Bright Star Promotions, Inc. "When using Green Bags you save money, promotes healthy eating and helps avoid throwing away of costly produce that often spoils before it is consumed."

They are reusable!
Evert Fresh Green Bags
are reusable up to 8 time periods (or more) when rinsing and drying after each use. 

A clean, dry paper towel inserted in the green bag along with the produce, helps it stay fresh by absorbing extra moisture.

Fresh cut flowers stay fresher longer when placed in Evert Fresh Green Bags Great for florists preparing for special events.

Evert Fresh Green Bags are great for storing fresh herbs from your garden.

Green Bags come in 3 sizes:  Small, Medium, and Large.

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Eat Plenty of Fresh Vegetables Daily

All photographs by Valerie

Scroll down and see the inside of Valerie's refrigerator!

The new package is the familiar Evert Fresh Green Bags

Be Aware
and on the look out for counterfeit Green Bags!

Read about how to spot them.


How do Green Bags work?
Special non-chemical properties infused into the bag naturally absorb gases that fruits and vegetables produce. These minerals are found in remote Japan caves and were discovered years ago to retard ripening when the food was stored in the caves. The bags are made in the USA. Do not combine different produce in same bag.
Do not pack produce tightly. Do not put fruits that need ripening into the bag as they will stay green!



How to keep bananas fresh longer.







Place a clean dry paper towel in the Green Bags to absorb moisture. Keep produce as cool and dry as possible.
      Put bananas in the bag. Expel as much air as possible before closing the bag. Remove and moisture that accumulates in the bag and change the moist paper towel in about 3 days.       This banana is still fresh and firm after 1 week stored in the Green Bags The banana, in the Green Bags, was left on the kitchen counter at room temperature.

See the original Chiquita banana commercial produced by Disney Studios in the 1940's on www.YouTube.com

It is full of good advise!

This commercial was shown only in movie theaters.

Its catchy tune has been on our minds ever since!

Click on Chiquita!

How to use Green Bags to extend the life of delicate parsley.

Click on the parsley photo to see Valerie's video.

  Buying: Some fruits do not ripen after they're picked, they just get softer. Purchase fruits that are nearly ready to eat and place in Green Bags to help extend their life. Papayas, avocados, mangos, bananas, pears and apples continue to ripen after you buy them so you can buy these on the green or hard side.

Moisture quickens the ripening. Place a paper towel in the bag, then the produce.
Squeeze the air out of the bag.  Keep fruits, vegetables and flowers in a cool dry place


Broccoli after 3 weeks is still fresh and green.

It was kept in refrigerator using a

Green Bags.

Romaine Lettuce after 2 weeks, is still crisp and green. Perfect for another salad; thanks to keeping

it in the Green Bags

Watch the video on how to clean Green Bags

Green Bags

New Package Same Size:

10 Small

(5.9" wide X 15" tall X 3.9" gusset)
(2 quarts size)

10 Medium

(6" wide X 15" tall X 4" gusset)

(1 gallon size)

10 Large

(7" wide X 17" tall X 4.7" gusset)

(1.5 gallon size) Sold out


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Think how much you could save when these fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer!

Avocados, asparagus, beans, bananas, cantaloupe, watermelon, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, eggplant, green peppers, lettuce, mushrooms, parsnips, peas, radish, spinach, spring greens, onions, peapod's, exotic salad greens, sweet corn, tomatoes, turnips, zucchini, garden herbs, wedding flowers, parsley, apples, apricots, berries, cherries, grapefruit, grapes, kiwi fruit, lemons, mangoes, melons, oranges, parsnip, peaches, pears, strawberries, sweet corn, turnips, zucchini and all exotic fruits and vegetables.

Green Bags also maintain a high level of humidity and reduce light, all of which extends the life of produce 3 to 10 times, and significantly reduces the loss of vitamin C. So you don't have to throw away all that produce anymore and that's something that could have you smiling all the way to the bank." 


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Amazing Green Bags keep perishable produce fresher!


Place fresh mushroom into the Green Bags include a dry paper towel. Don't crowd produce.

Mushrooms after 6 days!
Still fresh for salads. Replace the paper towel to absorb moisture.

Mushrooms after 10 days in the
refrigerator are a little brown, not at all slimy; still good for cooking


Spring onions after 2 weeks storage in Green Bags and kept in the refrigerator. Tip ends are slightly wilted. Onion bulbs are fresh and crisp. This would not be possible if onions were kept in a regular plastic bag for 2 weeks.

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Questions - Answers
How long with the bags last?

Hint: Make a tiny cut in the top of each bag as I empty it so that I can keep track of how many times it has been used. Each bag can be reused 10 times or more!
Gracie R, San Jose, CA

Hint: Placing a check mark on the top edge of the bag, each time the contents are used, gives me an indication of how many times I have used the bag.

Doris W. Patterson, NJ

A lot of the produce I bought used to lose its appetizing freshness and then often spoil before I could eat it. With Evert-Fresh Green Bags I can keep a good variety of produce on hand all the time and very seldom have any spoilage. They keep fruits and vegetables fresh & tasty MUCH longer. For me, they more than pay for themselves both in food dollars saved and, more importantly, in health.

Jill S. Kansas City, KS

Strawberries fresh and juicy after 8 days in the refrigerator; placed on paper towel and stored in a clean Green Bag.

Sweet salad tomatoes stored in the container placed inside a Green Bag are still fresh and firm after 2 weeks.

Delicate berries and produce often contain bacteria that will hasten the spoiling.

Try to put fresh clean produce in the bag before store in the refrigerator.

Green Bags do not claim to preserve food forever. They merely slow the ripening process.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits while they are fresh, colorful and full of nutrition

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"Stay healthy; eat fresh fruits and vegetables" says Valerie


Green Bags are the best new product to come along in ages. I began using Green Bags in 2000 and launched this web page in 2002. I enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables. I find I'm not throwing away expensive produce because of family and business demands. Often I'd buy produce on Tuesday or Wednesday and by the next Monday I'd be throwing the unused portions into the trash. Green Bags help keep my fruits and vegetables wonderfully fresh. I'm saving money too! I hope you enjoy this new innovative product as much as I do. This product works!

Be sure and eat your 'green stuff'!

                             Sincerely, Valerie  

You'd be smiling too if your life expectancy was
just increased 3 to 10 times!

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