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Debbie Meyer-Evert Fresh Green Bags make wonderful stocking stuffers!

We know your friends will agree and appreciate your gift!

We will enclose a gift card and mail your Green Bag gift orders that will be shipped directly to your family and friends!

What an easy way to buy, saving you precious time! Don't forget the party hostess, she'll love the Green Bags too!

Take advantage of our $24.00 special and we will mailed in time for the Holiday gift giving season!

Order before December 18th to assure delivery by Christmas.

How is your supply?

Accept no substitutes and buy only Debbie Meyer-Evert Fresh Green Bags, the Original bags! Watch out for cheap imports that are only plastic bags with a green tint and do not have the capability to remove the Ethylene gas that fruits and veggies emit while they are ripening.

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Eating Fresh Veggies and Fruit has added health benefits!

Fresh greens are high in iron, vitamin A and soluble fiber!

Garlic inhibits many infectious agents!

Organic citrus adds zest to any meal while adding the benefit of enhancing the digestive energy!

Fruits are wonderful antioxidants add them to your salads or in your cooking and in your smoothies!

Stay healthy this winter season. Eat 5-7 portions of fruits and vegetables!

Our best wishes to you,
for a happy and healthy year!

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