Old Steiff Bear fetches $17,250.00 at NJ Auction


The 105-year-old teddy bear, whose collector status was confirmed by a local veterinarian, sold at auction for more than $17,000, an auction official said Friday.

During their toy auction on November 7, 8 and 9, 2008 Bertoia Auctions sold the Steiff teddy bear they received on consignment from a Midwest collector for $17,250, just shy of the $18,000 auction experts said it could fetch.

The toy, which was Steiff's first bear in production in 1903, contains three rods inside its body, acting as joints. This was verified through veterinarian Hal Blumenthal, who X-rayed the bear, referred to as A-Rod, earlier this summer. An anonymous buyer snapped up the rare bear on Nov. 9, when the auction day featured bears and dolls.

Mary Frisko, photographer for Bertoia Auctions, said Bertoia collected a 15-percent buyer's premium on the sale.


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