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Teddy Bear Treasury
Vol. 1

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Bing Bears and Toys
With Price Guide

The Bing story comes to life with the skillful writings of Ken Yenke. Beautiful full colored photographs of Bing bears and toys helps you learn more about bear collecting and price your treasures. Ken's knowledge of early soft toys is remarkable. He shares his research with you, within the 176 pages of this extraordinary book.

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Teddy Bear Treasury
Vol 2.

This book is a natural extension and continuation of Vol 1. No bears are repeated. Photos of original bears with their owners. Chapters include bears from friends too. Free appraisal form in the back. Over 160 full color pages consisting of bears from Ken's extensive Teddy Bear collection

$24.95 plus postage 


Ken's job allowed him to travel the world, where he began his teddy bear education at museums, art galleries and antique shops.


His appetite grew for books about Teddy Roosevelt and this helped establish him as an expert.


Ken enjoyed collecting and many of his bears can be seen today at the Chelsea Teddy Bear Factory Museum in Chelsea, MI.


Ken died in March 2014 of complications from Luekemia and Brenda, his wife follows in his footsteps and appraises bears.

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