Introducing PrimeLinx URL Plates . . .

You've seen my car with Bright Star's web site plate on the back.
Now you can order your own elegant plate!

They are manufactures of custom URL plates for your car,
slogans and name plates for home or office.

Very affordable - fast delivery.          Order direct from the company.


The back of any vehicle is the perfect place to advertise. Here's my car,  ready to advertise!

Classy looking URL plate catches the eye and gets results. Plate is elegant and compliments every make of vehicle, even a luxury car.

Super strong adhesive keeps your plate secured tightly to your vehicle.
My car has been through hundreds of car washes.
The PrimeLinx URL plate stays firmly on and it still shines bright!


They make great name plates for your office desk.
You can mount the name plate to a wood base or adhere
it directly to the office wall.

Put your thinking cap on and design a plate!
Use your email address, web address, school name, or just make a statement!
"I Love Teddy Bears" - "Mama Bear" - "Papa Bear" - "Peace for the World"
"Dolls Galore" - "Eat Your Green Stuff" - "Faster Than You" - "Gone Fishing"
"Angel on Board" - "Mother of Twins" - "Beach Baby" - "Car Crazy"
"Graduated 1957" - "Your favorite college" .... keep thinking!!!

It is my pleasure doing business with PrimeLinx over the years.
They are an outstanding and honest company.

Each 3-D, raised URL Plate is custom made in Canada.
Please allow ample time for delivery.


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