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If you're serious about business... if you really want an extra measure of success.. more customers, more recognition, a higher profile, then here's a product you should consider. 
Promo Plates give you a competitive advantage over business rivals. Promo Plates mount to your car where they put your web site address, e-mail address or company name directly in front of the driving public every day.
Successful business people know the rewards daily advertising can bring.

You know how often your car is passed in daily traffic. That's about how often your message may be seen by the motoring public. Promo Plates even work while your car is parked. They're seen by pedestrians as well as motorists.
Imagine the impact of having your web site address, e-mail address or company name seen hundreds to thousands of times every day in major city traffic.

Promo Plates work so well, many of our customers immediately re-order for their employees and associates. The positive feedback has been astounding.
Each plate is carefully hand assembled to your text specifications. 
Delivery is FREE world wide with a minimum order of 2 plates of any text combination and quality is 100% guaranteed. Each plate retains it's rich appearance for years and delivers your message every day.

You owe it to yourself and your company to purchase Promo Plates for your car, or your company's fleet of vehicles.

Choose the rich appearance of polished chrome, or the luxurious matte gold finish. Either way, your Promo Plates begin working the instant you drive into traffic.

Order NOW!
Chrome US $39.95 ea.
Matte Gold US $44.95 ea.

For more information e-mail us at EMAIL

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