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What other dealers are saying about Bright Star Promotions

"I did my first show with Bright Star in Feburary of 1998 and it has been wonderful! Valerie Rogers of Bright Star Promotions does only the best for the artists and customers at every show. Bright Star takes care of many of the details that we, the artists, don't have to worry about, so we can work on the best quaility of bears for each show. I have traveled to many shows with Bright Star since my first show this year, and every show has been wonderfully located and beautifully displayed. I started with Bright Star, and I am staying with the friendly service that I have recieved! Bright Star gets a four star rating with me ****! THANKS VALERIE!!!!!!!!"

Rhonda Unverzagt (Bears of Quail Creek)

"I'm very happy about the advertising Bright Star Promotions, Inc. does for each and every show. Ads placed in 30 or more publications and thousands of invitations are mailed for each show area."

Sherri Dodson (We Three Bears - Deer Park, TX)

"I especially like the one day shows and the low booth fees. The small deposit fee and the balance due one month before the show, allows me to have a good cash flow. All locations have been easy to find, and with low hotel room rates, that makes flying affordable for me. I can always count on a well organized show with no hassles. That's what I call doing good business." David Krupick (Krupick's Miniatures - Ft. Meyers, FL)

"I really enjoy attending the Bright Star Promotion's teddy bear shows because it is always a treat to know that all the details are taken care of including such things as, a good show site, plenty of dealer space, advanced advertising, directions for the customers to find the showroom, good food, reasonable booth rates, and low sleeping room prices. It is a pleasure to walk into a show and see so many artists I know and every seems like family including Valerie."

Doryce Finch (Finch's Musical Bears - grand Rapids, MI)

"As I travel across the country doing shows, I am always running into dealers who ask about the shows I do. I tell them I really enjoy doing Bright Star Promotions' shows. They advertise locally and I especially like the charge card service they offer to dealers. I have used it often. I would have lost sales otherwise. If you've never tried a Bright Star Promotions' show, you should definitely do it now."

Joan Wheatley (Hindeloopen Painting - Asheville, NC)

"We appreciate all the advance work that goes into a show, including advertising and mailings. Always a good choice of locations plus a variety of show areas. Bright Star Promotions, Inc. has a business-like attitude and help promote the industry, our business as well as yours."

Jean and Joe Alexander (Parker Miniatures - Port Clinton, OH)

"Bright Star Promotion's sharing and caring approach to each teddy bear show makes them a delight for both the collector and the artist. From a business perspective, a successful show is measured in profit. I can count on Bright Star Promotions' shows to return a greater expense to revenue margin for me. Clearly a two-fold reason for selecting a Bright Star show." Millie Gage (Gage Bears - Windsor, NY)

"I really like the complete and informative show applications. The low show deposit fee, with the balance-due-before-the-show accounting practice, makes doing the shows easy. Valerie sticks up for the dealers. Hot coffee, fresh fruit and pastries always taste good in the morning during setup time."

Agnes and Ralph Shoda (Shoda's Miniatures - Fort Wayne, IN)

"I was very impressed with the informative show packet. I thoroughly enjoyed the brochures and newsletters. Thank you for sharing a wealth of information about how to display and sell at the shows."

Linda Kaufmann (Linda Kaufmann Miniatures - Wheaton, IL)

"I want to thank you very much for the opportunity to get started in the miniatures business. Bright Star Promotions' show was my first show. The show organization was excellent and very comforting to a new, nervous vendor. The business meeting covered all the questions of how? And what if? Even valerie's voice had a calming effect for me

Kathrin Austin (Kathrin's House - Kalamazoo, MI)

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