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Teddy Bear Show

General Information and Rules

Most shows open to the collectors at 10 a.m. and close at 3:00 p.m.
Exhibitor Set up time: 7 a.m. to 9:45 a.m.
Tear down 3:00 p.m. to 4 p.m.

We have changed the venue for many of the fabulous shows.
Winding down to on big, in person show in Tampa, FL plus seven online shows throughout the year.

Teddy bear collecting will be so exciting! By "re-inventing" our shows we all stay in business during these changing times!       

Application link below

What we offer exhibitors at our shows

Tables sizes are indicated on the show application form on the next page

Tampa showroom has 8' x 30' uncovered tables.

You must provide your own attractive table cover that extends to the floor on all three sides.

Chairs are included.

Electricity will be provided at no extra charge. If you wish extra lights you must provide your own light fixtures, heavy-duty extension cords, connectors, and tape. Some showrooms are very dark and others have areas that are not well lit.

No flashing lights or signs permitted.

SET-UP TIME begins at 7 a.m. (the day of the show) through the main lobby or back convention doors. Bellmen with carts are usually available to help and expect gratuities. Please unload quickly so others can experience by-the-door convenience. Please do not block the cart ramp with your vehicle. NO EARLY BIRDS TO SET-UP please. 

A PLACE CARD  will mark your exhibit area. You must be set-up and ready by show time. Before the show there will be a brief dealer meeting. No early departures.

Badges, programs, pen, tax forms will be on your table.

TABLE FEE for Tampa is $175.00 per table. Dealers may not share tables, nor may they sell or give their tables to other dealers. The $40.00 registration deposit submitted with the application is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Within the week before a show, should you cancel, there is no refund. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, Money Orders, Cash and Personal checks. Please print your business name on your personal check. Balance of table fees are due one month before the show.

DRESS CODE - Please dress professionally looking and warm as often air-conditioner vents can blow cold air on you. Please no very casual sports clothes or shorts.

LODGING - Special room rates are often offered by the hotel.

Please act quickly to secure your sleeping room at special rates or ask for weekend rates.

Block of rooms is released to general booking about 3 weeks before our event.

FOOD - Lunch arrangements will be specified on the show confirmation. Please eat behind your booth. Hotel rules and regulations prohibit bringing fast-foods into the showroom.

Please patronize any food service that is offered by Bright Star Promotions.

SMOKING is not permitted in or around the showroom. Please smoke outside the hotel.

DOOR PRIZES - Door prizes in the form of Bear Bucks will be awarded to a lucky customer during the show. The door prize pool is funded by $5.00 from each of the exhibitors before the show.

We thank you for your contribution and participation in this promotional plan.  See the details.

MERCHANDISE All items for display and sale must be in keeping with Teddy bear collecting. Bring ample merchandise clearly marked with the price. No selling under fair market value. This is a retail show. Each table will be reviewed before the show opens, and items of poor taste or not conforming must be removed. No flashing lighted signs, TV's, radios, or music playing in your booth area. Displays must be confined to the area represented by the table size. No displays or merchandise in the aisles. Our pricing and show rules are strictly enforced. Attach sales receipt with your company name to each bag.

SHOW VIP PASSES - VIP passes are a wonderful way to invite your favorite collectors to the show. You are paying half price for their admission tickets to the show. Just write "Free Pass" on the back of your business card or be creative and print free passes from your computer. Mail them to your customers. Near the end of the show we will collect $3.00 for each VIP pass that was present to us. Artists who take advantage of this offer are seeing remarkable improvement in their sales.

ADVERTISING - You can request show postcards to mail to your collectors and you can offer them $1 discount on admission with each item you create and print. Let them know you'll be in the area and invite them to the show. Local advertising and our own mailing list will alert the collectors too. We all must do our part to make the show terrific!

COLLECTORS CHOICE CONTEST - At some shows we have contests for the artists. each one will have a theme. Collectors vote and artists win prizes and awards.  All bears on the contest table are for sale unless otherwise indicated on the placecard.

PHOTOS WANTED - Send 1-4 JPG photographs of your bears to be included in our Sneak Preview Web page. Show your bears to our collectors; many sell off the Sneak Preview page before the show opens.


ONLINE SHOWS are by special invitation to our Bright Star show participants and Bears&Buds Professional Artist members.

SUBMIT photos of your bears to be considered for the show postcards.

You could be a winner!

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING SERVICE OFFERED - Don't let a sale get away because you do not have MasterCard, Visa or American Express, Bright Star Promotions, Inc. Vendor Services will process the charges for you. This procedure will be explained during the dealer meeting. Ask for a charge card sign to put on your table.

A CONNECTION - Wifi service is available in most ballrooms. If there is a password required, you will be given that during the dealer meeting.

TAX COLLECTION - FL Dept of Revenue will supply you with a tax form - usually online.
You are required to collect and pay sales tax on retail sales. Tax charts and forms will be provided at the show. Please indicate your State Tax Number on the show application.

BADGES - All dealers and helpers will be issued a badge and it must be worn throughout the show.

PETS are not allowed in the showroom at any time.

TABLE ASSIGNMENT is on a first-come, first-serve basis with consideration for Teddy Bear Artists over manufactured collectibles. Dealer space is limited.


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I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Safe travels to the shows.

If you have questions please call or write.

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