Many uses for the

The Ultimate Cloth uses exclusive MiraFiber™ technology to clean surfaces with just water!

Cleaning becomes so easy and effortless. You'll be amazed!

Please be advised that you will fall in love with the Ultimate Cloth and become addicted to it; cleaning every surface in your house the day your receive your order!

Keep a cloth in your car!  No more chemical sprays just a damp Ultimate Cloth will remove all the window dirt and film. Wonderful for the person who smokes in the car!

Clean antique furniture without the worry of chemicals damaging the wood.

Bathrooms will sparkle with just a few wipes
of the damp Ultimate Cloth.

You'll be amazed at how the Ultimate Cloth cleans porcelain and chrome.

Large flat screen TV's seem to attract dust and the Ultimate Cloth with remove it without scratching

Cameras and electronic will sparkle!

Dogs often think they are helping clean windows

with their tongues! Doggie "nose art" is easy to clean using the Ultimate Cloth,

no scraping or buffing the window dry.

Doggie nose prints are gone with just a few wipes! You can spot clean areas of
the glass without any streaks.

Your motorcycle will shine!

Keep an Ultimate Cloth in your saddle bag!

The Ultimate Cloth clean shop equipment fast!

Picking up dust and and debris.

The dirt seems to hop right on the cloth!

Men love keeping their cars clean!

Fold the cloth in quarters, opening it and turning it from time to time. As you can see with the photo on the right, the Ultimate Cloth attracts dirt!

No streaks!

The secret to streak free cleaning is to rinse the cloth often, wring it out tight, wipe the surface clean, rinse again to keep the cloth clean. Keep a bucket of clean water beside your vehicle.

Venetian blinds are easy to clean now!

You won't miss a thing with clean eye glasses!

A clean Ultimate Cloth will not scratch!

Every surface can sparkle without the fear of

damaging your antiques!

No more worry about chemical sprays running down the glass and seeping into the frame

and ruining the mat.

Office equipment cleans quickly

and safely with the Ultimate Cloth

Clean your computer's monitor with just a few swipes of the damp Ultimate Cloth

Sometimes your Ultimate Cloth will get really, really dirty! A good sign the dirt is in the cloth

and not in your house!

Agitate the Ultimate Cloth back and forth in clean water then soak it in bleach. Rinse well. Even though your Ultimate Cloth is stained, it still works well. Re-usable for years!

And your windows will sparkle and shine!

Use the Ultimate Cloth to clean the screens too. You'll be amazed at the dirt it attracts!

We welcome your comments about The Ultimate Cloth and what uses you have found.

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Truly an amazing product. It WORKS!

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